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The Revelation

Hark, then, how one night, when I sleeping lay
Four horsemen came. “Arise, young lad !” said they,
“For who but the Enlightened Ones draw nigh -
And you may see them straightaway.”
Beholding those four riders, I declare
My heart burned with a joyance near despair -
Transfixed I stood. Two holy madmen near
Said, “Haste, my son, and go thou there.”
The madmen led me forward by the hand
Away from where I lingered, near unmanned.
One gave a gesture. “Keep vigil, “he said;
The other mouthed a single “Stand!”
We waited. Came two saints with eyes ashine
With unshed tears, and prayers to the Divine.
Came six more men on foot, crying, “He’s here,
The Man! With his your gaze entwine!”
Came four more horsemen dressed in green, on jet
Black stallions, green-reined. When all were met,
Said they, “The circle is too small and we
Are many – set it wider yet.”
Came sixty other riders then, apace:
All greet each other quickly, face-to4ace,
“Salaam aleykum, brethren!” Then, “Waste not
One hour, press on to yon great place!”
They saddled me to horse. We rode along
To that great meeting place where1 thousands strong,
Men gathered sat. I held back in my awe.
“Son,” said they, “Come now, join the throng”
All – no less ! – took hold my hand thereat,
Dragged up a palliasse whereon I sat,
And poured I knew not what upon my head:
“This is Time Passing – drink of that!”
I begged old Haidar then name so-and-so.
“Why, that’s the Prophet, dear to all below,
That’s Eslim Hoja, there’s Baba Zuryat.
veys-al-Karani you should know.”
“That’s Bahauddin, also Enlightened, there
Near Zengi Baba, famed beyond compare.
And next, close-knit, the Four Companions stand.
Speak, youth – All your desires lay bare.”
Two young sheikhs also present kindly said,
“The thirty prophets by companions led -
By number also thirty – have arrived
Pour blessings on this young man’s head.”
Now, 10, the Prophet calls, “Omar, Osman,
Eslim Hoja, Great All – if you can,
With Baba Salman, Abu Bakr Siddiq,
Wishes fulfil of this young man.”
Eslim and Baba Salman brought an urn,
Into the liquid bade the cup return.
I swooning lay. They ordered me to view
All things of earth and Heaven’s concern.
So I became a gale ! – And to the tall
Blue vault of Heaven and the deepest pall
Of earth did blow! “Now go and see”,
Said they, “Yourself behold the Lord of All.”
Whatever thing I thought about was mine
And he was everything I saw, divine.
In sleep I blessed his spittle on my cheek.
“Now rise”, they called, “Arise and shine!”
Then spake the Prophet1 “Brethren of acclaim1
Pour out your blessings on this young man’s name”,
And to the horsemen four an order gave
To take me back from whence I came.
This beardless youth awoke. His eyes ope wide
To think what wondrous things he had espied.
Bathing his fevered brow he heard them say,
Fading, “May God be e’er your guide”.
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