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The Pains Of Love

Love caught fire within my heart, and burned and blazed.
Smoke whirling in the wind whipped me like something crazed
Fate caught me3 spinning me upon its wheel.
Who came to see me through the eyes of real desire?
Separation was a storm – both flood and fire.

Swept on1 I gained the shores of love, shipwrecked – so null
Real and unreal were hurricanes within my skull.
I fell exhausted, lost in wonderment.
When love unsheathed its dagger, yes, I caught its blade!
Love stripped me naked, left me stranded without shade.

My body held no strength, my corpse no uttering soul
I staggered round, confused and far from whole,
Not weary or alert, alive or dead.
A cloud of sorrow sank to hide my sacrifice
As destiny’s key turned and locked me in its vice.

I had to fight to make griefs spectre disappear:
But Love instructed me and made the problem clear
Love sorrowed and assisted me to heal.
When beauty bloomed, it brought spring joys of a fresh start.
I have to say all this, dear friends ! It broke my heart.

0, hopeful slave to the beloved’s charms, whereby
I lost my heart! A songbird of sweet tongues was I -
Encaged ! But separation scorched my soul.
Then yearning burned me up, to ash was turned my mind.
And Makhtumkuli’s life was tossed upon the wind.

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