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Exhortation In Time Of Trouble

My fortune seems to be taking wing.
Since we pray and rend our clothes
Fulfil our wishes1 0 Great Lord.
The Kyzylbash have ruined everything.

Send warriors to the steppes, where habitable1
Make our homeland structures robust1
Cool the heads of our brave youth.
Above all, let our food all be served on one table.

Let dervishes pray without unseemly interference
And the young as formerly gather for the dance.
May all our peoples enjoy the spring of their lives,
And difficult winter days have disappearance.

If Turkmens would only tighten the Belt of Determination
They could drink the Red Sea in their strength.
So let the tribes of Teke, Yomut, Gokieng, Yazir, and Alili
Unite into one proud nation.

What is Soul? Makhtumkuli tries to understand it.
Let us not be subjugated by the Kyzylbash
Grant us a union of Teke and Yomut
And let Kemal Khan command it.

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