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Dawn Is Thyee Time

Friends, be receptive when new days are born!
- When dervish convent doors let in the morn
- When blessings flood them with the pristine light
Of dawn – and Truth sounds clear its hunting horn.

When Sin comes courting, do not let him in.
Deny both sin and self. Thus you will win
Repentance. 0, now is the time! Begin!
Now is the time that God forgives all sin.

The Lord will guide you through the narrow pass
Where winds of separation blow, alas!
Be ever ready. When it’s time, accept
The wine of friendship from a good man’s glass.

Though you might rule this world, so stark in trust,
Come next century you’d be but dust…
Before the years have fled, fly from your self -
Set up a cabal of the wise and just.

O Makhtumkuli, worlds float in your thought.
When you were young, you only cared for sport:
Now you are thirty and you see more plain;
Those tears that fall announce your sad report.

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