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Be Not Poor

O Ummah of Muhammad, be not poor1
Or else your kith and kin will leave your door
As strangers. Brothers too will lose respect.
Your foes will laugh and vex your friends the more.

A poor man goes barefoot, showing his need.
At meetings they will seat him low indeed1
While if he rides a horse it’s called an ass -
A rich man’s ass, of course, is called a steed

Just ask a favour, then see what you get!
Ask friends for loans – you’ll just remain in debt.
At councils, what you say will not be heard;
You might as well catch water with a net.

Wrestling is honest sport, fighting is rash.
One who degrades another is mere trash;
Gossip about the Holy is unwise -
A gossip’s breath turns all to fire and ash.

This poet praises God for everything!
Death calls alike on beggar and on king.
A hasty youth will find his troubles mount,
While patient men with growing joy will sing.

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