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A Lament

Sixty-year-old Sufis (self-declared) -
Small time remains for moons to wax and wane!
In the desert foxes see no hound:
Of hunting sleeping lions they dream again.

“No falcon can compare with me3’1 says Crow.
To chase one hawk requires a thousand crakes.
The gold-eyed lizard cannot take the sun:
It lurks unseen, waiting to catch small snakes.

Badgers cannot snare the lamest deer,
Nor foxes break a lion cub’s defence;
The lizard cannot eat a big snake whole.
You understand? It just needs common sense.

Approaching seventy, they don’t repent,
And still love seeing whores cavort and leap.
The infidels all smashed the Kaaba up -
Now Black Yazid sells off its timbers cheap.

Regard the passing time, the turning world,
How poor trudge on beneath the tyrant’s load.
They do not give the dervish chance to rest
When travelling along Truth’s endless road.

My heart ran out of tolerance. To bear
A grudge at all is evil – that’s well-known.
In such surroundings, how my heart grows tired:
I’ve lost all drive. I must fare on alone.

My enemy is strong, my stars are ill.
O Makhtumkuli says I am a wrecker!
The Kaaba I must see, and hope for Haj.
My mind is set on pilgrimage to Mecca…

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